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With decades of experience in the fields of; Real Estate, project planning, sales, administrative processing, rental, furniture, and now touristic activities, thousands of satisfied customers, and a steadily growing network of business partners and affiliated service providers from various industries, VTGooo represents a Full-service-company and your reliable partner, with who You can win new customers which would be otherwise difficult or impossible for you to reach.

Who are we and what are we doing?

We offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of our own corporate services from our core business areas, i.e. those that are offered and implemented by our sub-departments, which are direct parts of the VTGooo Company. These are mainly:

  • Real estate & investment (purchase, sale , planning ) – VTGooo -Real Estate  
    • Project planning and –implementation (real estate and investment)
    •  Finance & investment consulting  (investment planning and placement )
    • Photo and videography , IT service , marketing – ASC-Solutions
  • Holiday property rental / property management – HRG-Holiday  
    • Administration, accounting, reg.Statistics, advice & recommendation
    •  Check-in, check-out, final cleaning , maintenance
    •  Marketing (own booking portal and common portals)
    • Customer care (tenant)

Furniture& interior design NEXT- Furniture

Planning, design, drawing and 3D design, manufacturing/production, installation, quality check

In the course of these activities, we quickly recognized that our customers have many other needs and wishes, which often can be a very easy connection to our core businesses and could even, encourage/support it and create in this way an unexpected and unreached customer experience.
But since we can’t do everything ourselves and we don’t want to -because more activities can lead to reduced quality and affect all sectors-!A different solution had to be found and it was as simple as it is logical: There are so many smart people out there who have specialized in a wide variety of different things and are really good at what they do! So why shouldn’t we just connect with such people and companies and let everyone involved benefit, from this collaboration?!
So exactly this people and companies are; our “
partners of tomorrow ” We are looking for!

What kind of partners are already there and what do they do?

In order to be able to make these other qualified services available to our customers, we launched the
VTGooo-Group partner-program
and very soon were able to achieve unexpectedly good results with our partners of the “first hour” and observe consistently positive customer reactions at the same time. Since then, the list of sub-contractors that we successfully linked with our company and now regularly supply with customers and work orders has been growing steadily, as for example:

  • Real estate agents and offices (international) – VTGooo -Real Estate
    benefit from selected, legally impeccable objects, professional material, fast communication, reliable and professional customer care, attractive and fair commissions with secure pay-out’s and much more

  • Touristicactivities – HRG trips
    • Limousine- and taxi service, airport transfer, rental vehicles
    • Excursions of all kinds (day trips, culture, in the water, on the land and many others)
    • Event Management
  • Cleaning service & caretaker service – Cleanhome-HRG 
    • Deep cleaning, regular cleaning, special cleaning, glass cleaning, commercial and private properties
    • minor repair work in the household, domestic help, garden maintenance, insect control and others
  • Constructionservices
    • Bricklayer, building renovation, painters, tilers, plasterers, electricians and plumbers and others
  • Lawyers / Legal Advice – InLaw – Legal Service  
    • different fields of specialization ; Civil law, criminal law, family and inheritance law, construction law and others
  • Architectsandengineers – * LINK *:
    • Different Specialists for various. Projects types: from the large-scale project, Commercial projects, hotels, special constructions down to small and private projects

And even at this moment we already working on the coupling and integration, of activities from new partners who already have decided to join the VTGooo-Group-network with their services or products to increase their business area and their reach!

Who can be considered as a partner? What are the requirements? What is needed?

Our partners are experts in their respective fields, have many years of qualified and proven experience, and set and meet high-quality standards for themselves and for their clients.
In this way, we can always provide our customers with an individually tailored, high-quality all-around service with the right products and qualified service providers. Through intelligent linking, coordination, and professional awarding of orders to the respective partners, we can generate the most satisfactory results for customers and partners and provide answers to almost all imaginable questions, concerns and requests.

We are open for all creative “doers”, ideas, and established people – regardless of whether you are;

– Real estate agent
– Tour operator / guide / travel agency
– Hotel owner
– Investor
-Owner of Land / Residential Building or Project
– Trained/studied specialist
– Company owner/entrepreneur
-The shop owner (households, Electric supplies, and devices, Home-Interiors, Sup. for Building materials, just some examples)
– Transport companies with vehicle – / truck fleet
– ProfessionalHousekeeping or handyman
– The operator of a diving center, safari, own a boat, or something completely different
– or may you have something to offer that no one else has or do before, an idea, a concept, or something else

Then you are exactly right – here with us! If it can be implemented, adapted, and offered, then surely with us!

So, what are you waiting for?
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