was founded by the experts of the VTGooo Group to provide a comprehensive service in the context of holiday home rental on the Red Sea. In order to meet these requirements and to provide both the owners of the properties and the guests with a consistently positive experience, it was therefore imperative to create a special working group! And this has been realized with HRG-Holiday.

HRG-Holiday offers a wide range of services that are linked to each other in a smart way, resulting in a comprehensive A-Z rental and letting service.

We quickly realized that there is a huge need for rentable Holiday homes, but also “normal” rental apartments for residents here on the Red Sea, especially in Hurghada. Luckily there are more than enough residential properties that are ideally suited to meet this need. However, many owners who are ready or even have the desire to release your property for rent sooner or later come to several points that are often difficult or impossible to solve, e.g. through personal absence, through insecurities regarding property protection, legal foundations, marketing, care, payment, conflict resolution and many, many other potential hurdles that you have to deal with if you want to use your property as a “generator for passive income”.

It makes sense to have these tasks managed by a local partner who knows exactly what he does, right!? But by whom?
Surrendering the keys and thus free access to your own apartment/house while you may even be a few thousand kilometers away is more than a tremendous act of trust and in the past has not infrequently generated a “bad awakening” for some owners.

The responsible and professional handling of the property, but also complete and transparent traceability of the occupancy, the generated sales, income and expenses, and many other points should not have to be discussed, this is are integral and fundamental things to be covered from the property manager without asking!
Professional “property and rental management” is the key that we as the VTgooo Group would like to provide to you as an apartment owner with the HRG-Holiday service.

We take care of all processes;

  • marketing
  • administration
  • maintenance
  • Contracting
  • Check-in and check-out
  • regular statements on occupancy, income and expenses
  • Houskeeping
  • Conflict resolution
  • and much, much more!

But our / your guests also profit from numerous services and even more with us!

It all starts here with the selection and booking of your desired vacation property on our booking portal; HRG-Holiday

There, our guests can conveniently book also their pickup from the airport and almost all other activities that are offered here on the Red Sea. These include, but are not limited to offers like City tours, day trips to many great places like Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, etc., diving, snorkeling, safaris, but also special and individual inquiries and everything else that Hurghada has to offer, we can easily realize for you with our partner network.

Our goal is to be able to offer our guests a service that allows them to tailor their entire vacation from home by visiting only one place: HRG-Holiday and only have to look forward to their coming holidays afterward.

This is rounded off with secure and accessible payment options.